Protect Your Car By Waxing!

Spring drive time is here! Ready to take that classic car for a spin? Well once you know you’re covered with the best New Jersey auto insurance, it’s time to make sure beauty is polished up — it has its benefits! Yes, waxing your car is work, but it’s satisfying work that will help keep your car looking shiny and new. Car wax preserves paint by slowing oxidation and forming a barrier against bird droppings, sap, and pollution. Plus driving a nice shiny car is just plain fun – don’t you want to be shiny and fun? (Just nod your head)

Here’s what to do to ensure the maximum in protection when waxing your car:
  • Liquid and spray waxes are tempting to use — they make the car shiny with less work than rubbing in paste wax. But there’s still no beating paste wax for the hardest, longest-lasting finish. Look for paste with a high carnauba wax content.
  • Apply a thin, even coat of wax to the car’s surfaces with a damp sponge. Avoid applying too much, or it will be difficult to remove and some residue will inevitably mar your finish.
  • To avoid fine scratches, use a clean, soft cotton or microfiber cloth to remove wax once it has dried.
  • Apply an extra coat of wax to the nose and hood. The wax film in these areas wears away quickly.

With those tips in mind you’re ready to go – you cool cat you. Just remember to give us, your New Jersey Auto Insurance agency, a thumbs up when you pass by — Ayyyyyyyyy!

-Robert Catalano