Protecting Yourself Against Liability Claims When You Rent

As a tenant of a house or apartment, as opposed to a homeowner, you still need to have insurance to cover yourself in the event of an injury claim if someone visiting you is hurt. This coverage is included as part of arenters insurance NJ policy.

Imagine you are having a party and, as can be the way of parties, things get a little crazy, the dancing gets a little wild and someone in stilettos falls and breaks an ankle. It seems like such a small thing in the scheme of things. However, treatment, ambulances and a possible legal claim for damages could suddenly balloon into a financial issue that isn’t so small anymore!

Most standard policies offer about $100,000 limit of liability coverage. That means you have that much to cover any court costs for defense and damages you may be ordered to pay. There may also be some no-faultmedical coverage included – that is to cover the medical costs of others injured at your place, not yourself.

Why not call one of our agents to discuss your options with renters insurance NJ, if you haven’t already got this coverage. You can also discuss the value of your personal possessions and ensure you have adequate coverage for those at the same time within the same policy. Your home is your castle, even if the castle is rented, and you should have the same financial security as a homeowner when it comes to your personal valuables and liability!