Adjust your New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Coverage when you Upgrade your Electronics

Most people are aware that a major renovation has implications for their New Jersey homeowners insurance. However, it’s not only the major works that can impact on your insurance needs. You need to keep up with all the changes, big and small, that could require adjustments to your policy so you don’t get caught off guard if you have to claim.

One thing that is easy to overlook is upgrading your electronic equipment. That could mean anything from replacing your PC to installing a home entertainment system in place of your old TV and stereo system. Depending on the age of the original items, you could be looking at a substantial layout to update to the latest technology. When you took out your policy, the amount your policy was designed to cover was for the old items. A major upgrade could mean that the value of the new items is higher than the amount for which you are insured.

Call us to discuss reviewing your New Jersey homeowners insurance coverage to help you ensure that you are properly covered. You may need to make some adjustments. Alternatively, you may need to add some endorsements if you have acquired some big ticket items that exceed limits on the policy. One way or another, we should be able to help you find appropriate options so that your new acquisitions are financially protected if you suffer a loss in the future.