Do you have a Home Inventory?

Just imagine for a moment that you suffer a major loss to your home – a fire or burglary. You may have New Jersey homeowners insurance but can you list everything you own that might have been destroyed or taken? In the stress of experiencing such a loss, it is unlikely that you will have clear memories of everything that might be gone, much less accurate values for particular items, and that could be an issue when you make a claim on your policy.

It is a good idea to make a comprehensive home inventory. You could keep it on a computer or with your insurance documents. It’s also important to make sure you have second copies of your policy, the inventory and any related paperwork in a secure place offsite in case the originals are destroyed.

You could list your personal valuables room by room, or by category – it’s a matter of personal choice. However, backing up the list with photographs and any valuation certificates or receipts – especially for big ticket items – is highly recommended, to help make the insurance claim process easier and more efficient.

Having good New Jersey homeowners insurance may well be your financial back-up against any number of possible losses. Making a home inventory is like an additional back-up, as it contains the detailed information that may be required by your insurance provider and adjusters in a claim, hopefully making the process a lot more straightforward.