How Speeding Tickets Affect Your New Jersey Car Insurance

One common question we get asked a lot here is how do speeding tickets affect my New Jersey car insurance? It is an excellent question, and we are happy to provide an answer.

Here’s the thing, if you are over twenty five and this is the only ticket on your record in the last three years it will make little difference on your auto insurance rates. This is because insurance companies do not necessarily review your driving record every year. It is usually checked when you first apply and then it depends on the policy of that particular company.

You will start to see problems with your second ticket. That is why it is crucial to keep any and all tickets off your record. Many states will allow you to take a driving class or offer have a deferment program to clear your name. Sometimes just showing up on your court date will allow you to negotiate for a reduction in the fine and points.

For those of you that drive a company vehicle or have a CDL license it is very important to keep your driving record clean because the records of these drivers are checked every year.

A general rule to keep in mind is that you can expect one four point ticket to increase your insurance premiums by at least 50% for each of the next three years. Which is why it is very important, to contest a speeding

Overall there are just too many individual factors to predict how much, if any, one speeding ticket will increase the insurance premiums for the entire family. There are many factors that It depends on such as the number of cars, number of drivers and their MVR’s, the insurance carrier, previous losses and state law. Many insurance companies will not check your MVR every year unless there is a change to the policy. If they do not check, then your rates will not change. Typically insurance companies only check high risk drivers and those who drive a company vehicle every year.

The best advice we can offer you is that you obey the speed limit! You’ll avoid some high premiums on yourNew Jersey car insurance if you do so!

“Doc, I just called American Insurance Services Agency. We have to go back to 1984, and stop myself from speeding!” – Marty McFly