New Jersey Auto Insurance, and Road Trips [Monday]

It’s “Road Trip Week” here at American Insurance Services Agencies! Are you planing for a long distance trip by car this Spring/Summer? Well before you load up the trunk with luggage and hit the road, we want to make sure you are protected with the right New Jersey auto insurance, and knowledge in mind should a travel problem arise. Each year, millions of people travel by car to visit family, reconnect with friends, or go vacation. Many of these same people don’t know what they are and are not covered for on these trips! So all week long we will be going over some important questions drivers should ask before going on a road trip. Let’s start with the most basic one!

Does my New Jersey Auto Insurance policy cover additional drivers?

Road trips can be long, and there may be occasions when someone else drives your car – take a muppet for example. Will your New Jersey auto insurance policy cover other drivers should an accident occur? Well the muppet probably will be at least partially covered if the vehicle is insured and he has your consent to use the car for the purposes intended. But that means no cross-country trips if you only gave permission to go to the store. Crazy muppet…

But if damages resulting from an accident exceed the amount allowed by your policy, then your muppet’s insurance may be considered as secondary or supplemental insurance to the car. If the other driver does not have car insurance, you may be held personally responsible for any remaining damages.

Simple enough, but if you still have questions about New Jersey Auto insurance, and other drivers feel free to contact us now at (732) 680-4444.

“It was important for us to make sure our car was covered with American Insurance Services Agency, especially when traveling by map” – The Muppets.