New Jersey Health Insurance

New Jersey health insurance is a hot topic in recent news. With costs always on the rise, and government policies set in motion, some people are finding it frustrating and difficult to get affordable coverage. Well if your employer does not offer health coverage, or if you are self employed, you may find yourself in a position where you need to seek your own health insurance policy. Where do you even began?

For starters, health insurance policies most often provide coverage for:

  • Doctors visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Testing
  • Specialized care
  • Surgical procedures

Now understand that every health insurance policy is different, and by working with one of our insurance agents, we can help you create a policy that best suits your lifestyle and needs. We know the economy is rough today, so it is important to consider your financial situation while maintaining the true focus of the health of you and your family when creating a health insurance policy. Our insurance agents can offer you two types of health care coverage:

  • Indemnity Plans (or Fee-for services plans)
    • Cafeteria/Flexible Spending Plans
    • Indemnity Health Plans
    • Basic & Essential Health Plans
    • High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)
    • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Managed Care Plans
    • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
    • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)

Our insurance agents might also be able to provide Medicare supplements, long term care, income protection, etc. Call us today at (732) 680-4444 for a free New Jersey health insurance quote and more information on all of the policy options we offer.

“I talked to my agent today about getting health insurance. I’d be a Jackass if I didn’t…” -Johnny Knoxville