NJ Boat Insurance Pre-Launch Checklist

Time to dust off the cob-webs on your boat, and NJ boat insurance! This year NJ boaters are itching to set sail, and hit the open seas. The real question is – will you be ready? Safety and security are two of our top priorities here at American Insurance Services Agency, and we can’t just let you set sail without taking the most necessary of precautions now can we? We want to cover you in all ways possible even after we take care of your NJ boat insurance. To help us do that we have complied a pre launch checklist to get your boat ready for the season!

Oil Check
If you did not change the engine oil when you put the boat up for the season, now is the time to do it. Make sure you change the oil filter also. Check the oil in the outdrive.

Battery Inspection
Reattach the cables. Make sure the terminals are not corroded. If so, wipe them clean. If your battery takes water, fill it up. A dry battery is a bad battery. (I learned that the hard way.) With a battery tester, check the volts and amps. Does it have juice? If it is charged and still no luck, it may be time to buy a new battery.

Cooling System
Hopefully you drained the cooling system if you live in a cold winter climate to prevent freezing. If so, fill ‘er back up. Rinse out the strainer and check the hoses for cracks.

Fuel System
You also should have topped off the tank with gas to prevent any moisture and condensation forming in the tank and diluting the gas. Change the fuel filter. Make sure the fuel line is attached and not cracked. In the winter these hoses can become dry and brittle.

Take the distributor cap off and clean it out. Corrosion could have occurred during the winter. Make sure all connections are restored.

Tighten the belts if needed. You should only be able to push the belt slightly down. If the belts do not fit snugly in their pulley grooves, they may be worn and in need of replacement. Belts that are not tight will wear faster because they will likely begin to slip. The alternator belt usually wears faster than the others. A sign of a worn belt is black soot somewhere in the vicinity of the pulley.

Other Things That Should Not Be Ignored

  • Change the spark plugs
  • Lubricate the engine with WD-40
  • Check all hoses
  • Check power steering/cables
  • Test the bilge pump
  • Replace the drain plug
  • Check rudder and shafts
  • Inspect the prop
  • Test the horn
  • Test the VHF radio
  • Check the trim
  • Inspect personal flotation devices
  • Check the fire extinguisher expiration date
  • Make sure the anchor in on board

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