The Price of New Jersey Homeowners Insurance

Living in NJ can be expensive, especially if you are in the market for New Jersey homeowners insurance.  Now you may be asking- Why does New Jersey homeowners insurance have to cost so much?

Well the answer it quite simple, it is all about risk.

To big name insurance companies like Geico for example, you are a collection of risks. They don’t care aboutyou the individual, they just care about your sex, your age, your marital status, and what neighborhood you live – all factors that may influence their prediction of whether you’ll file a claim.

For them homeowners who lives in a coastal area prone to storms, or a rural region far from fire stations. They may judge those homeowners to be a higher risk because people who live in such situations have tended to file more and their claims usually are more expensive.

The good news is that all insurers don’t price the same risks identically. This is a huge benefit to you when you shop for New Jersey homeowners insurance through an independent agency. Your independent agent shops many carriers, and knows that insurance companies are highly regulated in many states, meaning they are very competitive with focusing on certain markets and avoiding others. Independent agents know how insurers operate their businesses, and will pass along any and all savings and discounts to their consumers when available.

By shopping for New Jersey homeowners insurance through an independent agency you may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year by shopping with them regularly. Not to mention independent agents will treat you as an individual. They’re your best option when looking for a great quote!

“You’ll switch to Geico my pretty, and your little dog, too!” -The Wicked Witch of the West