5 Tips When Riding in Traffic With Your Motorcycle

Picture yourself on your motorcycle cruising the open road with not a worry in the world. That is until you hit route 9 traffic during rush hour. There goes that feeling of “freedom”, for the moment at least. You’re new feeling should be that of “worry”. In traffic jams, motorcycle are very vulnerable for accidents. Although you are confident that your bike is protected through the greatest New Jersey motorcycle insurance agency in the state, you’d rather not see the day you have to actually use it. So to aid in this prevention we’ve compiled 5 great tips for riding your motorcycle in in traffic!

1. Watch drivers’ heads and mirrors
Watching the head movements of drivers through their windows and mirrors is an excellent way to anticipate sudden moves. Most drivers won’t lunge left or right without first moving their heads one way or another (even if they don’t check their mirrors).

2. Trust your mirrors, but not totally

Your bike’s mirrors can be lifesavers, but they don’t always tell the entire story even if they’re adjusted properly. In traffic, always buttress your mirror-generated rear view with a glance over the appropriate shoulder. Do it quickly and you’ll add an extra measure of rear-view and blind-spot knowledge to your info-gathering tasks.

3. Never get between a vehicle and an offramp
This sounds almost too simple, but drivers who decide to exit at the last minute kill plenty of riders each year. The simple rule, then, is to never position yourself between a vehicle and an offramp. Passing on the right is generally a no-no, but in this day and age it’s sometimes necessary. So if you do it, do so between exits or cross-streets.

4. Cover your brakes
In traffic you must often react extra quickly, which means not fumbling for the brake lever or pedal. To minimize reach time, always keep a finger or two on the brake lever and your right toe close to the rear brake pedal. So when that jerk on the cell phone cuts across your path trying to get to the Wawa for a slurpee, you’ll be ready.

5. Be noticed

“Thanks American Insurance Services Agency, I’ll make sure they see me..” – Ghost Rider