Bump up your Home Security and you may lower your New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Premiums

How secure is your home? Apart from the safety of your family and possessions, did you know that adding extra security features to your New Jersey homeowners insurance could help you achieve lower premiums?

The more secure you home, the less likely it is that you will suffer a burglary-related loss. Very little can deter a ‘professional’ thief however amateurs and opportunists are less likely to persist in gaining access if you make it difficult for them.

You can start with simple things like good quality deadlocks for your doors and windows. Security screens are another option – either the roll down versions, or a customized design to suit your home. Make sure that the company you choose is reputable and can offer solid guarantees for their product. Movement triggered sensor lights are also a relatively low-cost option you could include in your installations.

Alarm systems come from basic internal models right through to monitored systems checked by personnel from a security company. Which way you go with these depends on your budget, with the monitored systems being the most expensive option.

Speak to your New Jersey homeowners insurance agent to find out which security improvements might result in a reduced insurance premium. Also check that your coverage amounts are adequate to replace your losses if necessary.