Don’t risk your treasures in rented properties – get appropriate NJ Renters Insurance

Imagine this scenario: you come to your rented home one night and when you go to open your front door, you find the lock is broken and the door open. Worse, when you go inside, the place has been ransacked, the carpets have been trashed – in short, it’s a mess. Closer inspection reveals a number of your treasured possessions are missing and your furniture has been damaged. Do you have renters insurance NJ in place to help you recover?

Your landlord probably has insurance on the building, and you should call him or her as soon as you can after you’ve called the police. However, your landlord’s property policy would only cover the building itself – not your possessions.

Without renters insurance, you are vulnerable to suffering potentially devastating financial losses, in addition to the emotional trauma, if you are a victim of a burglary or if your place is damaged by fire.

In addition to coverage for your valuables, renters’ insurance can offer you liability coverage so that if anyone is hurt while visiting you, you have financial back-up in the event of a claim against you.

Renting may feel less secure than owning your own home, but you can still financially secure your valuables with appropriate insurance. Your personal possessions are probably the things that make your rented homefeel more like your place; you would want to be able to replace them as quickly as possible if you suffer a loss. Contact us for more information about renters’ insurance NJ.