New Jersey Auto Insurance, and Road Trips [Thursday]

It’s Thursday here during Road Trip Week at American Insurance
Services Agency. This week we are getting you the best rates on New Jersey auto insurance while looking out for your best interests when traveling on the road by answering some of the most common auto insurance questions we get.
Today’s question is:

Will I need to carry an insurance ID card when traveling?

Excellent question – that depends if you are traveling through states. Some states may require you to carry proof of insurance, such as an insurance ID card, apart from your vehicle registration.

If you live in a state that doesn’t require an insurance card, but are planning to travel, make sure you know the requirements of any states you’ll be visiting.

Otherwise, you may be ticketed if you’re stopped by police and don’t have adequate proof of insurance.

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“We definitely, carry an insurance card from American Insurance Services Agency, definitely.” -Raymond Babbitt