New Jersey Auto Insurance, and Road Trips [Tuesday]

 Road Trip Week continues here at American Insurance Services Agency. This week we are getting you the best rates on New Jersey auto insurance while looking out for your best interests when traveling on the road. Today’s common question is:

What type of roadside assistance do I have?

Great question! Well, drivers should have a plan for help in the event that their car breaks down while traveling. Roadside assistance plans are available from multiple organizations, including auto insurance companies, auto manufacturers and credit card companies.

Some plans are free, for example, emergency services from automakers are often offered as a complimentary perk after buying a new car. While other roadside assistance plans with more comprehensive coverage such as the premier service from the AAA auto club which could cost more than $100.

Some auto insurance policies offer roadside assistance as optional coverage.The extra cost could be as little as $15 for a six-month policy. But prices and specific benefits tend to vary.

It is important to note that some assistance plans have restrictions on how far they’ll tow a car. Other roadside assistance plans allow you to use a car rental for a short period of time (free of charge) if your car is inoperable.

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