New Jersey Auto Insurance, and Road Trips [Wednesday]

We’ve reached Wednesday here during Road Trip Week at American Insurance Services Agency. If you are just joining us this week we are getting you the best rates on New Jersey auto insurance while looking out for your best interests when traveling on the road by answering some of the most common auto insurance questions we get. Today’s question is:

Does New Jersey auto insurance cover stolen items?

Now this is something interesting to think about -suppose someone breaks into your vehicle by smashing the passenger window and steals your “suitcase”.

Under most auto insurance policies, damages would be covered under comprehensive coverage. Meaning your broken window would be insured, and subject to any deductible.

But your stolen “suitcase”  wouldn’t be covered under your auto policy. Instead, items stolen from your car would likely be covered by your homeowners (or renters or condo) insurance policy. Many homeowner policies have limited coverage on some items stolen from a vehicle, such as a laptops or other electronics, so it’s best to check with your agent to learn the exact rules.

Of course insurance would still be subject to a deductible, but if it’s a smaller-priced item, the end result may be that you get nothing. Certain companies may sell an enhancement to the car policy to purchase “contents coverage” for items such as electronics separately. But the policy might not offer the full replacement cost.

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