Enforcing Business Dress Codes

A dress code for your business may help create an environment of professionalism and even contribute to boosting your company’s productivity. Company growth is contingent on many things, including securing the right financial protection for your company, in part through your New Jersey business insurance policies.

When establishing your company dress code, the Small Business Administration offers some advice.

• It may be best to make sure that dress code policies apply equally to all employees to avoid accusations of discrimination.

• You may want to include, in your employee handbook, a detailed explanation of what constitutes appropriate business attire for your employees.
• It may be wise to be clear about what type of attire is prohibited in the workplace.
• Allowing a “dress down day,” such as Fridays or the last day of the month may be a small treat that could boost employee morale.
 • It may be important to inform new hires about how dress codes will be enforced in your company, and any consequences involved with violations. 

It may be wise to be as flexible as possible with your company’s dress code in regards to how it impacts employees’ religious beliefs or cultural heritage. A proper dress code may have an effect on the level of professionalism in your company’s day-to-day function; and the right New Jersey business insurance plan may contribute to your company’s financial stability. Both can be important for building a successful business.