Getting Your Security Deposit Back From Your Landlord

Several issues might concern individuals who are considering renting an apartment. One is securingthe rightrentersinsurance in New JerseyRentersmay also be concerned about paying the money for the required security depositsand how they can go about getting those security deposits back when they movefrom the rental property.

According to RentLaw.comNew Jersey rent law states that within 30 days, alandlord must return your security deposits less any rent you owe, and less anycharges for repairing damage that you did to the property. Should your landlorddeduct any amounts from your security deposit for damages to the rentalproperty, he or she must send you the list of damages by registered orcertified mail. The landlord may only charge for damages that are over andabove normal wear and tear.

In a roommate situation,it may be a good idea to specify in the lease that each roommate is responsiblefor half the security deposit. Should your roommate have a pet and you do not,the lease should specify that your roommate is responsible for all of the petdeposit.

When you move in, it maybe wise to take pictures of any existing damage, so that your landlord cannot holdyou responsible for it when you move out. It would also be wise to do your best to take care of your apartment while you are there and to financially protect your possessions with renters insurance in New Jersey.