Insurance Coverage for Your Painting Business

Whether you do all your painting work alone, have a staff of full-time painters, or use contract painters from time to time for bigger jobs, your New Jersey business insurance policies may be one of the most important ways you financially protect your business. There are many coverage options available for small businesses and finding the right mix can be challenging.

Many small business owners find the Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) a good option. This type of policy typically includes property insurance coverage for your business property and inventory. It generally offers financial protection for a number of events such as theft or damage in specified circumstances. Liability coverage is designed to address cases in which an accident at your business, or at another location where you are working, causes bodily injury to another person or damage to their property.

In the event that you employ other painters, you most likely will need a workers’ compensation policy. This type policy is sold separately from a Business Owner’s Policy. Your New Jersey business insurance agent should be able help you choose the right business policies for your painting company, based on the size and structure of your business and your particular circumstances.*