Make Sure You Have Enough Coverage for Your Business Building and Property

Perhaps you have been running a successful business out of your home and you have finally outgrown the space. You may be planning to build, buy or even lease a building for your business. In that case, you should contact your New Jersey business insurance agent to work out the coverage you need for your new business building and property.

A Building and Personal Property (BPP) policy may be ideal for your situation. This policy typically provides financial protection for your building, and your business personal property. Generally included in the BPP are things like furniture, fixtures, machinery, and equipment. Merchandise that is being stored, such as raw materials, works in progress, or finished products may be covered under a BPP. Property that you may have leased to use in the operation of your business may be covered as well.

There are a number of insurance options available for a business owner who is expanding from a home business to a commercial building, and your New Jersey business insurance agent can typically help you find the right policies for your business at a price you can afford. Coverage required might include property, liability, workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance policies for company vehicles.*