My Basement Floods When It Rains. Do I Need NJ Flood Insurance?

It happens on days like these, when you come home after a thunderstorm to find a nice little indoor swimming pool in your basement.

If your basement is prone to flooding, it makes sense to consider NJ flood insurance. Why?

Well homeowners policies don’t usually cover flooding, unless it was caused by a burst water line. If you have “stuff” in the basement, a few hours of floodwater can ruin thousands of dollars’ worth of appliances, furniture, electronics, and other valuables

Many people think NJ flood insurance is expensive, when actually it costs less than you might think. Also the policies themselves are not very complicated.

There are two parts to NJ flood insurance. One part is building coverage that protects the structure and essential equipment like staircases and water heaters, and the other part is contents coverage which protects the contents like drywall and furnishings. If you have a finished living space in your basement, like a bedroom or entertainment room, NJ flood insurance is the perfect investment.

NJ Flood insurance is one way to protect your basement. But there are also some steps you could to take to help prevent flooding. For example:

Have your gutters and downspouts cleaned regularly.

Make sure downspouts aren’t pouring water right next to the foundation of the house.

Check that your property is graded correctly. (Your land should slope away from the house slightly.)

Install a sump pump or backwater valve.

If possible raise your belongings up several inches on pallets or crates. Don’t put valuable rugs on the floor if you can avoid it. Use a riser for your washing machine, if possible.

Following these tips, having NJ flood insurance thought American Insurance Services Agency could limit the damage costs when it does happen.

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