Red Flags When Renting an NJ Apartment

When renting an apartment in New Jersey, it is reasonable to expect your landlord to provide you with a lease that thoroughly explains the rental terms, but there are a number of other things you’ll need to look into before and after taking a rental. The first thing it’s important to realize is that typically, your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your personal possessions – for this you need a renters’ insurance policy.

When searching for an apartment with low rental prices, you may want to beware of red flags that may indicate serious issues.

•    You may want to avoid basement or attic apartments, as they may not have adequate ventilation or exits in the event of fire.

•    It may be wise to avoid apartments that are known as “flex.” These allow pressurized walls to be added to form more rooms; however walls erected without meeting building codes may be dangerous.

•    It may be best to avoid apartments that have no street address. Should the landlord tell you to get your own post office box, this may be a red flag.

•    Apartments with the utilities included may sound like a good deal, but they could be illegal apartments, and your prospective landlord may not want to have a record of the apartment’s address listed with the utility company.

Illegal apartments may be dangerous, as they typically do not meet building codes or safety standards. It may make more sense to stick with a mainstream apartment complex. Whichever New Jersey apartment you settle on make sure you take out renters’ insurance to provide financial protection in the event of theft, fire and other incidents that might be covered by the policy.