Successful Telecommuting

During these times of high gas prices and traffic jams, more companies are allowing their employees to telecommute. There are a number of benefits to telecommuting for the employee including lower costs, less time spent commuting and a more comfortable work environment. When allowing employees to telecommute, you may want to talk to your agent about any affects telecommuting may have on your New Jersey business insurance.

The downside of telecommuting for the employee may be distractions from children, television, neighbors and household duties. It is important your employees be self-motivated when working at home, and it’s important to monitor productivity. It may be vital that they stay connected to managers and co-workers through email, phone calls and videoconferencing. You may be able to tell that your telecommuting employee is working successfully from home when their productivity continues to meet company expectations.

Employees who work from home may want to schedule and structure their days as if they are going into an office. Setting up a home office with a desk, filing cabinets, computer, phone line and fax machine may help your employee remain focused on the job while working from home. Allowing employees to telecommute may ultimately cost your company less money. Your New Jersey business insurance agent may help you design an insurance plan to suit the needs of your company whether your employees work at the office or at home.