10 Cleaning Chores NJ Homeowners Should Leave To Professionals

Most NJ homeowners are regular DIY folks for daily or weekly chores. But sometimes you should leave certain household tasks to the pros! Trust us! Sometimes It’s
better to spend some money than to injure yourself playing chimney
sweeper or to inhale toxic spores while removing black mold from your
basement. Here are 10 Cleaning Chores you as  NJ Homeowner should leave to the professionals.

10: Draperies and Blinds

The experts say that you should vacuum, dust and sponge down your
draperies and blinds on a regular basis. Metal and vinyl blinds, require a lot more attention and man power. You’re better off hiring a professional window-treatment
cleaning every once in a while.

9: Carpets

So you’re a vacuuming fiend huh? Well truth be told a vacuum cleaning isn’t a
thorough cleaning. You suck up the surface dirt but leave most of it
lurking close to the ground. You’re going to need to steam cleam that carpet once in a while, and instead of renting the equipment call a professional they already have the heavy-duty equipment, so let them come to you!

8: Windows

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? Oh you sprayed them with the hose while you were washing your car? That’s not cleaning.I think it’s time to get that beautiful natural light back into your home so a professional cleaning might be in order.

7: Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Mopping floors with polish does not equal “refinishing”. Refinishing is back-breaking work, and there’s such a small
margin of error — you do run a risk of ruining your floors. So you’d best  call in the pros, sit back, relax and watch your dull
floors come back to life.

6: Upholstery

If you have pets or kids, your upholstered furniture is bound to take a beating., Simple vacuuming won’t cut it here for a proper cleaning Here’s where pro upholstery cleaners come in. They have the
equipment and the know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Do it up.

5: Air Ducts

Air ducts need cleaning? Yes they do. Dirty air ducts may cause health problems and increase
dust. This cleaning is all for the pros, unless you’ve had extensive training, because it would basically be
impossible for you to handle the job.

4: Chimneys

Your chimney should be cleaned once a year, right before the cold
weather and heating season begin, or of course when you notice a buildup of
creosote on the chimney walls. If you’re even remotely thinking of
attempting to do it yourself, stop right there. Do not go near that
chimney with any kind of cleaning apparatus. Contact a chimney sweep.
The only thing worse than spending a weekend cleaning the house is
spending a weekend stuck in your chimney.

3: Gutters

Gutters can be a pain in the back, literally. It’s a semi-annual task (generally in the fall
and spring), and not a very enjoyable one. There are some who
claim that gutter maintenance is a DIY job, but why risk injury falling off a ladder when you can pay someone to do it for you.

2: Major Organizing

Is your house a complete wreck? Can’t see the floor of that guest bedroom attic or office? It’s time to get help. Professional organizers can do so much more than remove clutter from your home — they can remove a good deal of the stress from your life and replace it with order.

1: Mold

This one is a no brainer. Mold usually forms in basements under damp or wet conditions – like after a basement flood. Hopefully your home is protected with NJ flood insurance to ease some of that chaos, but you may be left with crazy amounts that mold. Don’t risk yourself inhaling toxic spores get on the phone with a
professional mold cleaner ASAP. The pros will thoroughly inspect the
area, clean it and make sure the mold doesn’t return.