3 Ways To Fix A Car Dent

Small car dents are the worst! Shopping carts, car doors, balls, and people “texting while walking” are only some of the culprits. Instead of paying thousands of dollars at a

collision repair shop to fix your car dent think again!  We have complied 3 easy and cheap ways to fix a dent in your car!

Warning: Attempt these solutions at  your car’s own risk. Just

because you read it here or watched it on YouTube doesn’t make it true

or SAFE. We are insurance experts, NOT “car dent fixer” experts. :)

3. Dry Ice—A quick Google search will lead you to the “dry ice” solution. On YouTube there are countless videos

of amateurs and professionals alike who apply a small amount of dry ice to a

car dent and the dent simply vanishing. There also seems to be a lot of

contradicting accounts regarding this method’s effectiveness. But hey it’s worth a shot!

2. Hair Dryer/Air Duster—This method is involves a a couple household objects.

First heat the dent with a hair dryer

and then spray an air duster can (held upside-down so the liquid CO2 is

emitted) onto the dent. After about 10-20 seconds the dent pops out on

its own.

1. Toilet Plunger—This method is simple and safe! That is unless

you’re hand eye coordination is not how it used to be. Simply apply the plunger to the dent, get a good seal and gently

pull the dent out.