Screening for Potential Roommates

In a slow economy, you may need several roommates to share expenses in order to make ends meet. Some New Jersey apartments may accommodate as many as four or more renters, which may make utilities, power, internet and insurance costs more affordable.

Screening for good roommates is important and may take some time and effort. An irresponsible roommate may have a negative impact on your credit, as well as cause you a great deal of stress. Before talking with potential roommates, you may want to ask yourself some questions about how you want to live.

•    Do you want your apartment to have a quiet environment, or are you looking for a party atmosphere?

•    How do you feel about your roommate’s friends spending the night?

•    Do you want to have any pets in your apartment?

•    Are you looking for a roommate who will be your pal, or do you want privacy?

•    How do you feel about alcohol use and drug use?

You may want to try a New Jersey roommate matching service to help you find compatible roommates. It may be wise to get a credit check done on potential roommates, verify their employment, and talk to renters they have lived with in the past. Obtaining renters’ insurance for your belongings is important, as your landlord is only responsible for insuring the structure of your apartment building, and not your personal possessions. Each of your roomies will likely need their own policies. Roommate situations can be tricky, but with the right research done ahead of time, you and your roommates may be friends for life.