The Best Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car

Did you know that having an anti-theft device for your car will qualify you for a discount on your New Jersey auto insurance policy? Major insurers love the fact that their customers are keeping their vehicle safe so they try to reward those who do! It’s always best to ask your agent which carriers offer the best discounts.

So what are the best anti-theft devices for your car? Well we’ve listed a couple devices that are recommended from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, along with a quote about its use and effectiveness from a
recent NICB statement.

  • Audible alarms: “Alarms are typically equipped with motion or impact sensors which trigger a 120-decibel siren.” Cost: $150 to $1,000.
  • Steering column collars:
    “Collars prevent thieves from ‘hot-wiring’ the vehicle. Some collars are installed permanently. Others must be continuously activated.” Cost: $100 to $200 installed.
  • Steering wheel locks: “The lock is a metal bar designed to prevent the steering wheel from turning (and) is an excellent visible deterrent.” Cost: $25 to $100.
  • Steering wheel/brake pedal locks: “Prevents depression of the brake pedal (and again) is a visible deterrent.” Cost: $15 to $80.
  • Wheel locks:
    “Similar to the circular steel ‘boots’ used by many large city police departments, tire locks prevent the vehicle from being driven.” Cost: $80 to $200.
  • Tire locks/tire deflators:
    “Attaches to the tire valve stem and causes the tire to go flat if the tire rotates before they are removed.” Cost: less than $50.
  • Window etching:
    “Etching the vehicle identification number or other traceable number onto the vehicle’s windows makes it difficult for thieves to resell the vehicle or its parts” and helps police recover the car. Cost: free (do it yourself) to $100.