The Best Time To Buy A Car

When is the best time to buy a car? Right now actually. In the autumn-to-early winter months is traditionally an excellent time for
car shoppers to get the best bargains. This is because a number of factors come into play including consumer behavior — more people tend to buy in
spring and summer — and automaker habits — new models are introduced in
fall, and dealerships look to get rid of the previous year’s models.

New cars often begin arriving at dealerships in September,
and that’s also when dealers begin discounting current-year models to
make room for next-year’s models. Expect to save 10% to 20% on
current-year models in September. That may be the best month to buy if
you’re worried someone else will snap up the car you want. But the
longer you’re willing to wait, the better deal you’ll get because
dealers become very anxious to clear their lots of older models as the
months wear on.

Also in December, you may get a great deal on a car, but that car may
not come in the color you want or have all the bells and whistles you