Halloween Precautions for New Jersey Homeowners

Halloween is on the horizon — so American Insurance Services Agency is reminding New Jersey homeowners to use common
sense on when the streets are filled with little ghouls and goblins.

New Jersey home and auto owners, can take precautionary measures to reduce
the chances of injury or having to file an insurance claim. We advise that you ensure that your house is well-lit and in good
repair in order to avoid trip-and-fall accidents by small trick-or-treaters.

Many children will be trick-or-treating after dark, so drive slowly in residential areas and watch out
for those who dart out from between parked cars
and walk in the street.

While New Jersey homeowner’s insurance won’t cover pranksters toilet-papering
trees, if they damage homeowners’ property, the damage would likely be
covered. If you have comprehensive coverage on your New Jersey auto
policy, the car may be covered if it’s damaged by trick-or-treaters.

Stay smart, and stay safe this Halloween!