Why Is New Jersey Car Insurance So Expensive?

Why Is New Jersey Car Insurance So Expensive?

It’s true, New Jersey car insurance could burn a whole through your pocket!  Most of the blame comes from liability protection, which is composed
of bodily injury protection and property protection. Unfortunately this is the one aspect
of auto insurance you shouldn’t take for granted. You want to look for coverage of at
least $100,000 per person, another $100,000 for property and $300,000
per accident. If you can afford it, add uninsured-motorist coverage,
which protects you if you’re in an accident involving a driver with no
insurance. (We highly recommend it)

Although to make things more affordable, you could consider raising your
deductibles. Pushing up deductibles to $500 or even higher can
significantly cut your premiums. You could also consider eliminating collision
coverage, which covers damage to your car — that is unless your car is still new you might want to keep that.

Other ways to cut New Jersey car insurance costs:

  • Drive safely (drivers with good records get better deals).
  • Insure every car you own with the same company (packages that cover multiple vehicles often mean lower premiums).
  • Don’t smoke (statistics show that smokers have more accidents than nonsmokers).
  • If you’re still in school and pulling down good grades, let your insurer know it (good marks sometimes cut premiums).