Why Is My Insurance Quote More Than What My Agent Said It Would Be?

So your Agent tells you that your New Jersey Car Insurance quote will be XX amount – only to find out later that it is way more then what was said. What the heck happened!?

Well this situation could be filed as a “misquote”. Insurance Agents determine your premium on many factors,
including where you live, the kind of car your drive, how much you
drive, how much coverage you want, your driving record, and your age.

If an error is made in reporting any of these facts, whether it be your mistake or the agents, your rates won’t
be quoted correctly. Auto insurance
misquotes can also happen when your application information differs from your
actual driving record.

Insurance companies ask states’ motor-vehicle divisions to verify the
records of drivers they insure. So if you told your agent that you
have a perfect driving record, and it turns out you don’t, well your insurance company
will charge higher premiums than what your agent quotes.

It’s easy to avoid misquotes on your end. Just provide accurate information about your
driving record and any other facts affecting the cost of insurance, such
as the make of your car or how far you commute to work. Verify all
information before signing the application. Simple as that!