Do I have to Call the Cops Everytime I Have an Accident?

Imagine that you were just involved in a small fender bender on the road. Nothing too major, but there are slightly visible signs of damage to your vehicle. Do the cops still need to be involved? Is it always necessary to call the police for even the most minimal of damage?

The answer is YES!

You should always involve the police because you could expose yourself to major
trouble if you exchange insurance information and don’t have an
official police accident report filled out.

Even if you were involved in an accident in which you and the other party shrugged
your shoulders and said “forgettaboutit” and no information was exchanged, the fact of the matter is if someone has your license plate
they can still probably hunt you down and make a claim. So even in that situation its always ideal to go through the

Also don’t ever feel that you might be wasting a police officer time for even the smallest sight of damages to your vehicle, because it’s actually one of their
responsibilities. Believe it or not even in the highest crime areas of
the country, the police have a mission that is much larger than “hunt
down all the thieves and murderers.”

So remember to always involve the police no matter how small the accident!