My Employee Got Into an Accident While Driving a Company Vehicle

My Employee Got Into an Accident While Driving a Company Vehicle

Let’s face it – if your NJ business owns a company car, then buying commercial vehicle insurance meant to protect your business’s assets
in the event of an accident is an absolute must.

Problems usually arise when your employees use their personal vehicles
for business related purposes. You can never assume that something even as simple as a trip to the bank would be permissible. If they were to get into an accident, their personal insurance would
kick in, but anyone involved in the accident could also go after your

In this situation you need a non-owned & hired policy. Non-Owned
& Hired auto liability covers bodily injury and property
damage caused by a vehicle you hire including rented or borrowed
vehicles. It also covers damage caused by non-owned vehicles including vehicles owned
by others, or by your employees. It
usually does not pay for physical damage to the vehicle itself –
that’s covered by the owner’s insurance.

As a business owner, you will at times
find yourself in situations where this coverage is needed – make sure American Insurance Services is your agency of choice.

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