NJ Workers Compensation Insurance Rates See 8.3% Hike

NJ Workers Compensation Insurance Rates See 8.3 Hike

According to an article in the Insurance Journal,  the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance approved an
8.3% increase to manual rates and rating values applicable to NJ workers compensation insurance and employers liability insurance. The percentage hike will become effective
January 1, 2013 on a new and renewal basis.

So what does this mean for you you? Well the
maximum weekly benefit with respect to all types of injuries — except
permanent partial disabilities — will be changed from $810 to $826. The
minimum weekly benefit will be changed from $216 to $220.

For those cases that deal with permanent partial disabilities, the present
maximum weekly benefits ranging from $216 to $810, varying on the basis
of duration of disability of course, will be changed to $220 and $826. The minimum weekly benefit for permanent partial injuries
will remain at $35.

As a business owner, it’s always important to keep up to date with the latest news about NJ workers compensation insurance – mainly because protecting your employees, and keeping them informed plays a critical role in any successful business.

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