Nor’easter to Bring Heavy Rain and Flooding to NJ

Nor’easter to Bring Heavy Rain and Flooding to NJ Today

Just in time for the after-holiday, a Nor’easter is headed  to New Jersey later today bearing gifts
of heavy rain, and snow! Blessed are those who took the time to invest NJ Flood Insurance.

According to weather reports the Northwestern parts of the state could see about 8 inches of
snow, while the central and southern parts of the state could get heavy
rain and flooding. Now you may be thinking you can just call your agent today and get the proper coverage – problem solved!

WRONG! NJ flood Insurance is something you don’t just pick up and bind today. There is generally a 30-day waiting period from the time a flood
insurance policy is purchased to when it actually goes into effect.

Now what!? Well you might have to bite the bullet and  take your losses as they come if you house to victim to severe flooding. But you can call your agent today, to talk about NJ Flood Insurance, and make sure are prepared in the future!

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