Why Do I Need New Jersey General Liability Insurance?

Why Do I Need New Jersey General Liability Insurance

If you’re just starting a business, the first type of insurance you will want to invest in is New Jersey general Liability Insurance. Now you may be asking yourself what does this type coverage provide me with and how much of it do I actually need?

Well simply put, New Jersey general liability insurance is critical for your businesses. It generally covers property damages, libel/slander
claims, medical expenses and tenant’s liability.

New Jersey general liability coverage is important for a number of reasons – the
most important being protecting yourself against lawsuits.
Think about this for a second – anytime someone slips and falls while on your property  or if your company slanders another company in an advertising
campaign, you are at risk for a potential claim or lawsuit. You will want to make sure you have the proper
coverage in place before beginning your business operations.

How much New Jersey general liability insurance you need can be a bit complex and will require the expertise of your agent as well as any relevant industry
information. If you own a business in an industry with very low
liability, your policy requirements might be much lower than a company
in a different industry. It’s always best to talk to an agent to get the full insight.

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