Certificate of NJ Business Insurance?


As a business owner, insurance agency sometimes throw words around like you already know what they mean. Certificate of NJ business insurance? What is that anyway?

Let’s clear that up for you. Business transactions
usually require the valuable protection provided by insurance. So a certificate
of NJ business Insurance is a document that is often requested as proof that the proper
insurance exists. Don’t get confused though! A certificate is not the same as a policy and certificates do
not affect the coverage provided by a particular insurance policy. So
requests to “endorse the certificate of insurance” could be misleading. A certificate is just a separate document that is used to comply
with a common contract requirement to verify certain types and amounts of

If you still unsure – it’s always wise to ask your insurance agent more about it and to
help determine if you should be obtaining or providing certificates of insurance
in conjunction with your business. Also when you’re required to provide
a certificate of NJ business Insurance, send your agent a copy of the contract. This will allow your
agent to help determine what liabilities you are accepting and what
can be done to modify your insurance program to best protect your financial

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