Hitting Things With New Jersey Car Insurance

Two people standing outside of their cars after a car accident

Hitting Things With New Jersey Car Insurance

It’s no secret that people hit things with their car ALL THE TIME. With everyone claiming to be a “great driver” that definition is pretty lenient. In our eyes, having New Jersey car insurance makes you a great driver. Why? Because drivers without New Jersey Car Insurance, will find themselves in a very tough spot in even the most common of accidents. Below are some common situations in which people hit things, and what type of coverage kicks in.

If you hit an animal
Hey it happens, especially in New Jersey – a deer runs into the road and BAM! With New Jersey car insurance, your comprehensive coverage will pay for damage to your car that’s not caused by a car accident. Therefore, if you hit a deer, or other animal you would be covered!

If you hit a pole, fences or other object
Ok, so you hit a mailbox right? Don’t  panic, your collision coverage will pay for repairs to your own car if you hit objects.
You will be able to make a claim on your collision insurance (minus your
deductible), but if you don’t have collision coverage, you’re on your own. Now If you had happened to take down your neighbor’s fence, your liability coverage will pay for those damages.

If you hit a nasty pothole
Potholes are everywhere here in NJ – If your car were to get damaged by one, your collision coverage would
kick in. Keep in mind, your payment will be reduced by the amount of
your deductible, so you might want to decide if it’s worth it or not.

If you hit other cars
The damage you cause to others, including property damage and bodily injury, is covered by your liability policy.

Now if you hit another car and also sustain damage to your car, you’re going to need collision insurance to make a claim for your own repairs. If you happened to get
injured, Personal Injury Protection or MedPay coverage (if you have
them) will apply.

If you hit something really big
Have you ever seen those news stories where people drive into houses, and convenience stores? Well those people would be covered under their liability insurance – that’s why it’s good to have it.

If you hit your own garage door
You put the gear in “Drive” and went backwards – nice! Well in this case, it’s going to result in two separate claims: A collision claim for
your car damage and a homeowners insurance claim for your garage door. You can’t exactly make a liability claim against yourself now…

If you hit your “other” car
You just backed into “Mustang Sally” – your baby! Oh no! Well, again you
can’t make a liability claim against yourself, so you’ll have to turn to
your collision coverage. The embarrassment is free of charge though!

If you hit another person
If you hit a person, your liability coverage will kick in to pay
for their medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. It’s always good to have high liability limits, as these things can
add up quickly. If they happen to sue you your liability insurance would also cover your legal defense.

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