How Important is NJ Business Insurance in an Early Startup?

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How Important is NJ Business Insurance in an Early Startup?

NJ business insurance should always be
considered first in any startup company. First and foremost, if your company has ANY non-owner employees chances are you going to need NJ workers compensation insurance to protect your employees as well as yourself.

You are also going to need coverages required by your
building if necessary such as New Jersey liability insurance and commercial
property coverage. Operating your
business without these types of coverages at the start could make it extremely
difficult not to mention very expensive to obtain coverage at a later date.

You will also want to protect the owners, principals and directors.  You can do that by looking into Professional liability insurance (AKA errors and ommissions
or malpractice).  Generally you will need this coverage if you are providing
some sort of service for a fee. This is a specialty coverage which is not included in standard business policies. If you are a start-up that provides
some sort of service for a fee, talk to your agent about this coverage.

These are the
“must-have” coverages for any new business. NJ business insurance should always take priority if you are thinking about starting up a new business!

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