NJ Business Insurance for Artisan Contractors

Three contracts gathered together looking over blueprints

Artisan Contractors are people too! People who need NJ business insurance! But what are artisan contractors by definition – and are they held to different insurance standards?

Well artisan contractors are smaller operations that work in a variety of settings. They could be involved in large construction projects or in smaller residential projects. they usually specialize in installations or work on renovation or remodeling projects.

How do insurance companies define an artisan contractor? This question is answered by an insurance company’s underwriting rules. The factors typically considered are:

  • The number of employees
  • Contractor’s role in projects (general vs. sub-contractor)
  • The amount of net income
  • Size and number of projects or work sites
  • Type of projects
  • Growth of the particular operation

Artisan contractors come in all
sorts of varieties. Some specialize in plumbing, electrical work, minor
excavation, landscaping, heating, air conditioning, painting,
roofing,dry-walling, carpentry, remediation services, asphalt/paving,
and so on. You would think that as a smaller contractor they would be
held to different insurance standards. This is not the case as they still
need a full arsenal of insurance services, such as general liability,
possibly inland marine (to protect their tools/equipment), definitely
workers compensation, commercial auto, excess liability and commercial

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