NJ Renters Insurance Myths

myth busters

As a renter you’ve probably thought about all the reasons why you “don’t need NJ renters Insurance“. What myth did you end up believing exactly? Was it because since you don’t have a home or garage you didn’t need to worry about it? Or could it have been that you thought coverage is automatically provided by your landlord? No, no it had to be that that you thought you didn’t have enough possessions to insure, and  you didn’t think anything will happen anyway right? Wrong!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but all those reasons make for great NJ Renters Insurance Myths – which are likely  to cause you misery from an uninsured loss. As a renter you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Your possessions are purchased over time. This fact makes it less obvious that a renter may own tens of thousands of dollars worth of property that needs to be insured
  • Many belongings are very high-value. Renters should consider what jewelry they own and pay particular attention to their electronics situation (stereos, CDs, CD players, game systems, speakers, computers, etc.) Even modest living areas can hold lots of expensive property.
  • Renters insurance is affordable, often well under $200 per year.
  • Insurance policies carried by landlords typically offer little or no coverage for property that is owned by tenants and guests.
  • The same things that can damage a building can damage the property in the building, particularly natural disasters and fires; so a building’s contents are very vulnerable to loss

Don’t let any more NJ Renters Insurance myths get to you head! Talk to you agent today, about insuring your property, and avoid a loss!

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