Start 2013 Right By Reviewing Your New Jersey Homeowners Insurance

New Jersey Homeowners insurance

Time to ring in the New Year and review your New Jersey Homeowners insurance policy once again! Think about all the changes you’ve made last year – no, not that time your neighbors caught you changing your underwear (It’s a long story we know).

I’m talking about changes to your home that may trigger you to update your New Jersey homeowners insurance policy. In 2012 you may have had some renovations or improvements done to your home which means it’s time to update your dwelling coverage. If you installed a
swimming pool or bought a trampoline it might be a good idea to increase your liability
coverage.  Or maybe you purchased some high-value items, you should
check your policy limits for that item and schedule an endorsement to
make sure you are covered in the event of a loss.

Even if there were no major changes to your home or
personal belongings in 2012, you may want to reevaluate your policy fr 2013! You never know when a discount could be come available -(did you install a burglary alarm last year?). Certain upgrades to your home could bring down the cost of your New Jersey
homeowners insurance. Call one of agent today and Your homeowners insurance agent
can help you review your policy and suggest any changes that you may
need to make and Start 2013 right by reviewing your New Jersey homeowners insurance!

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