What NJ Liability Insurance Does Not Cover

Crack in road

As a business owner wouldn’t it be great just to say “Hey I have New Jersey liability insurance, I’m covered for everything!” If only things were that simple! New Jersey liability insurance does cover you for many things – but there are some things that are typically not covered under your liability insurance policy. Keep in mind these examples that slip through the cracks.

Workers Comp

New Jersey liability insurance does not cover worker compensation claims if
an employee happened to get hurt on the job. For those types of claims, you have to look at a NJ worker compensation policy.

Professional Liability

New Jersey liability insurance doesn’t include coverage for professional
liability insurance claims. If you provide professional services to a client like consulting or accounting you need professional
liability insurance
. This will cover you if a mishaps occurs when you offer your opinion, solution, service or recommendations
in the course of business.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

New Jersey liability insurance does no cover New Jersey commercial vehicle insurance. A hired auto and non-owned
auto endorsements can protect your company if a lawsuit were to occur, but it
will not cover damage done to your owned or leased vehicles — nor will it
protect you or your employee personally.

Intentional Acts

New Jersey liability insurance will not cover you if any damages or injuries
resulted from intentional acts. So basically if an employee assaulted a customer, and the customer sued your business,your
liability coverage would not cover the damages. But if the employee was
defending himself or the company from a criminal act, the liability
insurance would provide coverage.

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