What Sandy Taught Us About NJ Homeowners Insurance

picture of destruction caused by superstorm sandy to homes

 As a homeowner, you can never be completely prepared for a natural disaster. Take for example superstorm Sandy,  that devastated the East Coast last October, raking more than $20 billion in property and infrastructure

If there is one thing we can learn from the Sandy experience its that your NJ Homeowners insurance can only do so much. As a homeowner it is up to you to to take the necessary
steps to reduce the destruction, the next time Mother Nature comes to town. Here, are three things New Jersey homeowners should keep in mind.

Generator tips
A third of households earning at least $50,000
own a generator. Many people store generators in their basement,
which may flood, and end of damaging them or worse. Save your generator by taking it out of the basement, and lessen the cost of fuel by only running your generator
five hours a day or less.

Plan for the Emergency
Dead cellphones and disabled landlines, where a huge problem for Sandy Victim. You will want to create a
backup plan for charging devices.

Invest in an external battery pack or other device. Also invest in flashlights, batteries,
and an old-fashioned radio.

Get Flood Insurance
Coverage can be surprisingly affordable,
though the price varies based on where you live. Still, only 13% of U.S.
homeowners have the insurance, despite the high cost of even minor

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