Am I Eligible for NJ Homeowners Insurance?

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Am I Eligible for NJ Homeowners Insurance?

This is a question not many people think about when purchasing  NJ homeowners insurance. To be eligible for NJ homeowners insurance, certain conditions must apply.

NJ homeowners insurance polices can only be issued to cover properties which are mainly used for private residential purposes, which do not contain more than two families, and no more than two boarders or roomers per family. For tenants or condominium unit owners, it is only the residence premises occupied by the insured that has to meet this use and occupancy limitation rule!

Certain incidental occupancies are actually allowed too – such as an office, studio etc.. (provided that no other business is conducted on the premises, and it is mainly used for dwelling purposes. If all of these conditions are met only then will you be eligible for NJ homeowners insurance.

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