How Much Would New Jersey Liability Insurance Cost For a Public Skate Park?

Outdoor skatepark

How Much Would New Jersey Liability Insurance Cost For a Public Skate Park?

Public skate parks are so much fun as kid, until you have kids of your own and you label them as “death traps”. Ok, maybe that might be a slight exaggeration, but regardless  – public skate parks a huge liability risk! So how much would it cost exactly to insure something like that with New Jersey liability insurance?

It’s a tricky answer, but there are a number of factors to consider.

  • The size and quality of skate park
  • Controls in place to minimize risk (are helmets and pads required)
  • Age of participants
  • Experience of operators
  • Insurance requirements of the park/city
  • Other Factors

It could cost a pretty penny – just for the New Jersey liability insurance alone. The insured, would also want to have a medical payments policy for participants in
case they got hurt – this is because the liability policy would most likely exclude
medical payments on this kind of risk. The liability policy would only kick in if the operator was negligent.

Another factor the insured would have to consider is NJ workers’ compensation insurance if there are employees working at the park.

The only true way to find the most accurate cost is by talking to an independent agent!

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