Keeping Up With Your NJ Homeowners Insurance

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Take a look at your daily “do to” list. Keeping up with your NJ homeowners insurance
policy probably isn’t listed on there is it? Lucky for you we’ve come
up with 4 reason to remind you why you should keep up with your NJ
homeowners insurance policy. Check it out!

1. Save money on your premiums. If you check your policy annually,
you may see some discounts you missed! Such as bundling auto and home
insurance coverage together with
one provider to save some money!

2. Getting extra coverage not included on you NJ homeowners policy.
Did you know events such as floods and earthquakes need a separate
policies or riders to protect your home if tragedy strikes? Well now you
know! Look into getting these coverages before it is too late!

3. Understanding your policy. Many
homeowners think that their policy will replace their damaged or
destroyed property regardless of the amount of damage incurred. Nope!
You are actually just covered for is its replacement cost, not market
value. It is important to that your
coverage is sufficient, based on your home’s replacement cost.

4. Finding better premiums with an independent agent.
Independent agents work for you so they shop different carriers. If you
find that you may be paying too much for your NJ homeowners insurance
policy, call an independent agent today and they will help you find that
best rates!

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