Preventing Bike Theft

shadow of person riding a bike on the road

Preventing Bike Theft

It is estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles
are stolen each year in the U.S. and only a small percentage of them are
ever recovered. Many people don’t realize that bicycles are usually covered under their NJ homeowners insurance policy, in the event a bike can not be recovered – but why go through insurance, when you prevent it from being stolen in the first place?

Many of the bicycles that were stolen were due to
the fact that they were not locked up- or they were locked up
improperly. In order to protect your bike from theft, practice the
following steps:

  1. Buy a good U-lock- cable locks are very easy to cut. Purchasing a U-lock will prevent bike thieves from easy access to your bike
  2. Lock your bike- keep your bike locked even when it is in the garage!
  3. Lock your bike correctly- lock the frame and both wheels to a post, pole, or bike rack
  4. Register your bike with local police- if you
    register your bike with your local police your chances of recovery tremendously increase. When registering your
    bike make sure to have the following information available: make, model,
    color, and serial number.

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