What Kinds of Events Does NJ Business Insurance Cover?

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What Kinds of Events Does NJ Business Insurance Cover?

Can you remember the last time you took a look at your NJ business insurance policy? Do you even remember what events you are covered for? Well good thing you are reading this because we are about to give you a quick refresher regarding your policy.

For starters, NJ business Insurance property policies will cover losses caused by fire
or lightning and the cost of removing property to protect it from
further damage. This means removing items from a damaged
building so it won’t be stolen.

Other events such as windstorms,
hail, explosions, riots, and damage caused by
aircraft, automobiles or vandalism, are usually covered in a standard
policy. Perils including, earthquake, flood
damage, building collapse, and glass breakage. are considered
“optional” and not covered in almost all standard policies.

Your NJ business insurance property policy was either written as a “named peril” policy or an
“all risk” policy. The difference between the two is that a named peril policy provides coverage for those
perils specifically named in the policy whereas an all risk policy covers loss
by any perils not specifically excluded in the policy.

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