What Property and Perils are Excluded From Most NJ Homeowners Insurance Policies?

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What Property and Perils are Excluded From Most NJ Homeowners Insurance Policies?

Wait a second!! I thought once I purchased NJ homeowners insurance I was good to go!? While it is true thatNJ homeowners insurance does cover you for many things – there are certain property, and perils that are exuded from most policies. Take for example these instances straight from our big ol’ book of Property and Casualty.

Most NJ homeowner insurance policies do not provide coverage that applies to animals,
birds, fish, automobiles and business property. It also does not cover loss or damage caused
by flood, surface water, water which backs up through sewers or drains,
earth movement, nuclear damage, or war.

As far as personal
liability and medical payments – they do not cover the operation, ownership,
use, of any aircraft, automobile, recreational motor vehicle, water
craft powered by more than 50 horsepower motor; bodily injury or physical
damage caused by an intentional act of the insured.

Also, there are specific limits
of coverage on property insured under the homeowner’s policy such
as money, securities, water craft, theft of jewelry, silverware, and/or

Again these are just a couple instances of property, limits, and perils not covered under NJ Homeowners Insurance. A complete
review of your NJ homeowners policy with your agent is the only way to determine what property is covered
and what perils are insured against.

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