Why NJ Flood Insurance Is Important

rain drops falling off of roof top

It rains in New Jersey a lot! And when it rains, it could flood. That’s the easiest way to describe why NJ flood insurance is important.

Did you know that in the United States alone, only a small fraction of
residences and businesses have NJ flood insurance? Did you also know that floods are NOT
covered by your NJ homeowners insurance policy? It’s true! A separate NJ flood insurance policy
is necessary to protect your assets in the case of a flood. Flooding
can begin in a different number of ways, but the risk is even worse in areas
near to sea level elevation.

Floods are deadly in the worst cases, and extremely costly even in the best
scenarios. It only takes a few inches to cause major damage. The
National Flood Insurance Program creates maps to identify flood risk in
any given area. But numbers and statistics alone cannot describe the
consequences of a flood. Don’t take chances, and make sure you are
protected with NJ flood insurance today!

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